Dave Cashin Solo CD
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In my 35+ years of playing/writing/performing music I compiled this CD from over 450 songs in my catalog.  I chose the more romantic songs because in this hectic runaround world we live in...I thought the peaceful nature of these would be a wonderful alternative.  (My daughter likes the word..."soothing")
The 12 songs on this album are all keyboard based...meaning the melodies are written on the piano or synthesizer.  All keyboards are overdubbed using a multi-track analog tape or the BOSS BR-8 digital recorder.  The vocals and sax were recorded using a Shure Unisphere 1 Dynamic mic at least 20 years old!  Tracks 1,5,6,7,9 were written the summer of 2000.
1.Serenity (3:06)
2.Suite for Strings (4:05)
3.Only a Heartbeat Away (2:18)
4.Paradise (3:34)
5.A Different Shade of Blue (2:36)
6.All that is (3:12)
7.Hope (4:47)
8.The Speed of Light (3:53)
9.Dancer (2:23)
10.Escapade( 2:47) 
11.Walking in a Dream (2:45)
12.Everyday Should be Christmas (3:24)
I do have to mention the artist that did the cover artwork and layout design... Robert Burger.  We met in 4th grade and have been friends ever since!  We both had a common bond...we disliked nuns and loved music and art.  Rob and I had a band "The Carpetbaggers" in St. John's School, Dunellen, NJ.  Rob played a Stratocaster and I played an Acetone organ. It was bliss.  In high school we published a comic book that we sold to classmates.
Rob has gone on to be a successful graphic artist who graduated the famed Pratt Institute in NY.  His computer Illustrations are incredible and works out of his home in NJ.
Please take a look at his work at:  www.voicenet.com/~rbbb
Rob...you are so talented!  I thank you once again.
About the Special Guests' on "Serenity"...
Albritton McClain (which I apologize for the misspelling on the CD) has graciously placed his soulful vocal stylings on the song "A Different Shade of Blue". What a kind gentleman he is! And what a talent!!!
I feel he is so very underated as a performer in the Seattle area with his band Albritton McClain and the Bridge of Souls.
He has recorded with blues guitarists Mike Bloomfield, Roy Buchanan and jammed with artists such as Paul Butterfield, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, Charlie Musslewhite, The Allman Bros. 
Recently, he has extended his creative abilities into the realm of feature-film music scoring, and has completed the second of two films for which he has single-handedly composed, arranged, performed, and recorded the entire orchestral-styled Music Soundtracks.
On his first film, Albritton worked with veteran Producer/Director Eric Louzil for the international release of the Hollywood production of "DILEMMA" won him accolades and established a place for him in the movie community as an up and coming composer.
Now let's get to the sax performance on "Hope".
Scott "Jr" Adams...what a player!  I've been truly honored to perform with him on many Seattle area gigs. He kicks MAJOR butt!!!
He has played with Ann Wilson from Heart, and spent a year and a half touring with her as the horn section leader and arranger. That gig led to other recommendations for gigs with Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains and Steve Bishop from Los Lobos, and Slash from Guns 'n Roses.
He also can be seen performing with Stolenogre. A group formed with the Blues Traveller drummer...Brendan Hill.
Quite the humanitarian too...instead of paying him for his outstanding performance on "Hope"...he asked me to make a donation to the NW Aids Walk which he donned his sneakers and raised money for the cause!
Chuck Ayala on "Everyday Should be Christmas" is a powerful singer.  His vocals recorded the TV version of "Rockin Robin"...a hit a "few" years back. He also was lead vocalist of an original band I had in LA called "Major Woody". We performed to packed crowds at the famed Troubador,"Filthy McNasty's"(Hollywood) and the Country Club Arena.
My life has been richly rewarded by experiencing the power of emotion emoted by these fine musicians.  I Thank You for bringing my ideas to a higher level!